Why a Root Canal Is Nothing to Fear

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Why a Root Canal Is Nothing to Fear

You’re not alone if you’ve heard scary stories about getting a root canal or have an aversion to the thought of the treatment. Here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of getting a root canal.

A root canal is a procedure used to remove the damaged or diseased soft tissue from the inside of a tooth. Your first indication that you need a root canal is tooth pain, usually when biting. 

While a root canal is a routine dental procedure performed over 15 million times a year, many people hesitate to get the treatment due to fears of pain, discomfort, prolonged sitting in a dental chair, and a lengthy recovery.

Here at 1st American Dental in Tempe, Arizona, our expert dentist Leon Brannon Reed, DDS, explains the root canal procedure. After detailing the process, Dr. Reed helps you address and overcome any fears or hesitations about getting a root canal. 

A root canal is not something to fear, and here’s why.

Fear is driven by a lack of understanding

While there are plenty of what-ifs and genuine concerns about any dental procedure, many people afraid of root canals simply fear the unknown. And if you’ve tried to do your own research or listened to the stories of others, you have made yourself even more nervous. While input and research can be valuable, they often produce overblown information.

Of course, Dr. Reed is here to help. He answers your questions in as much detail as possible and can let you know exactly what to expect. You can rest assured with the truthful information he provides. 

You have options for anesthesia and sedation

Modern dentistry offers anesthesia, which numbs your mouth. In some cases, sedation is offered, which relaxes you. In addition, Dr. Reed uses gentle practices while performing root canals to minimize damage in your mouth for an easier recovery. 

Root canals resolve the pain

1st American Dental finds that many people are happy they had a root canal because it relieved the pain they were feeling. If you need a root canal, pain is only one of the many symptoms that drives you to seek dental care. An infected or inflamed pulp also causes sensitivity, swollen gums, and tooth discoloration. A root canal resolves these symptoms.

The inflamed soft tissue inside a tooth places pressure on nerves in the tooth. Because the procedure removes the swollen tissues, the pressure and pain you feel are relieved. 

Are you experiencing the symptoms of a tooth infection but hesitant to get a root canal? Don’t be nervous about the procedure. Schedule your consultation over the phone or online at 1st American Dental today. 

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