Start Your Summer With Professional Teeth Whitening

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Start Your Summer With Professional Teeth Whitening

Bright, white teeth are the perfect summer accessory. Read on to find out more about why you should treat yourself to professional teeth whitening as the weather warms up.

A bright and glimmering smile perfectly compliments a summer tan from a day out in the sun. Unfortunately, staining related to food, medications, and aging can keep you from showing off your pearly (not so) whites. Instead of resorting to closed-mouth smirks in your photos, wouldn’t you like to capture memories with a confident grin?

After teeth whitening at 1st American Dental in Tempe, Arizona, you can do just that. Our expert dentist Dr. Leon Brannon Reed is thrilled to offer professional teeth whitening services just in time for summer vacation. 

How teeth whitening works

Teeth whitening bleaches stains and discoloration from tobacco products, berries, coffee, or years of inadequate oral hygiene. When you arrive at our office ready for your treatment, you recline in the dental chair just like you do before your cleanings or any other routine dental service. Our team shields your gums with a rubber guard that prevents the bleach from harming them. 

With the shield in place, our team can begin the whitening process. Dental whitening gels contain bleaching products, like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which we must activate with a special light. 

Once activated, the whitening gel works by breaking down stains in the enamel into smaller pieces. Once the treatment is finished, those stains are no longer concentrated enough to see. 

Keep in mind that whitening won’t work on dental restorations like crowns, bridges, or veneers. That is why many dentists suggest a whitening treatment before you get any new restorations, so they can then color-match the devices to your white teeth. 

Why teeth whitening is the perfect summer service

Teeth whitening won’t impact your ability to enjoy the summer as there is no recovery time needed. In fact, you can leave 1st American Dental after a single in-office teeth whitening session and show off your new smile right away. 

Most people experience up to eight shades of improvement after teeth whitening. Ahead of your treatment, you can compare shades with our team to predict the level of whiteness a single treatment can bring to your smile. 

Some sensitivity might prevent you from enjoying a cold beverage immediately, but you can manage teeth sensitivity with chairside or over-the-counter dental products. And you might not experience sensitivity at all. In any case, your smile is photo-ready immediately after the treatment, and it takes only an hour. 

Get started today

Summer is on the horizon, and it’s the perfect time to brighten your smile with whitening treatments. Learn more about professional teeth whitening by scheduling your visit to 1st American Dental with a phone call or a click. 

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