Adult Tooth Loss: Risk Factors, Prevention, and Treatment Solutions

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Adult Tooth Loss: Risk Factors, Prevention, and Treatment Solutions

Losing an adult tooth isn’t like losing a baby tooth. In fact, adult tooth loss is a significant issue, but there are plenty of solutions and prevention tactics to consider. Read on to learn more.

When you lose a baby tooth as a kid, it’s an exciting experience. Not only does it mean your adult teeth are about to erupt, but in many cultures, it also means you get a visit from the tooth fairy after placing the tooth underneath your pillow at night. 

That experience is starkly different from losing an adult tooth. No new teeth are waiting to erupt once an adult tooth is gone. You can either explore options for restoration with your dentist or keep the gap, which can eventually cause your other teeth to shift.

1st American Dental in Tempe, Arizona, helps you make your oral health a priority to avoid losing adult teeth prematurely and going through the stresses of replacing them. We also provide emergency dentistry to rapidly treat issues that could result in adult tooth loss. Expert dentist Leon Brannon Reed, DDS, can elaborate on adult tooth loss during your next routine visit and help you manage the risk factors. 

Are you at risk?

Sometimes you lose an adult tooth during extraction. An extraction is a professional procedure to remove an adult tooth with extensive decay. 

Because extensive decay can cause you to lose your teeth, excellent oral hygiene is essential. But some risk factors for adult tooth loss are less conspicuous. You may be at risk of losing an adult tooth because of:

  • Your genetics
  • Your age (you’re more likely to lose an adult tooth over 35)
  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Unbalanced diet or nutrient deficiencies 
  • Avoiding professional dental care and maintenance
  • Certain medical conditions, like diabetes or arthritis
  • Playing contact sports without a mouthguard

Some factors are more controllable than others. The next time you visit 1st American Dental, Dr. Reed can help you review your current routine and brush up on your oral hygiene skills. 

What you can do to keep your teeth

Proper oral hygiene is a must, and you can control some of your other risk factors by changing your habits. Eat a balanced diet complete with nutritional options like fruits and vegetables, and limit indulgences like alcohol, sugar, and smoking. If you have any underlying medical conditions that increase your risk for tooth loss, make sure you follow your physician’s instructions for treatment. 

At home, brush your teeth twice a day. Time yourself and make sure you brush for two minutes every time. You should also floss between twice a day and visit 1st American Dental for twice-yearly professional cleanings. 

When you can’t avoid losing a tooth

Sometimes tooth loss is unavoidable. Maybe you have a chronic disease leading to tooth loss, or maybe you knocked a tooth out in an accident. No matter the reason, replacing your tooth with a professional-grade custom restoration helps you avoid additional oral health and function issues like an imbalanced bite or jawbone resorption. 

1st American Dental welcomes you to explore your tooth replacement options. Our team creates custom restorations to last for years or even decades, such as:

When choosing a tooth replacement option, consider how many teeth are missing, the health of your other teeth, and your own personal preferences and price point. Dr. Reed and the team can design a restoration that looks nearly indistinguishable from your original teeth and can work with you as you adjust to using it. 

Schedule a visit online or over the phone today at 1st American Dental to learn more about tooth loss and maintaining your oral health to prevent it. 

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